Westworld Maze Coaster Set / West World / Fathers Day / Coffee Set / Desk Gift

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1 x White coaster holder
5 x Maze coasters

Set of 5 coasters with a holder from the popular TV show Westworld!

This makes a great gift for any Westworld fan, 3d printed in high quality white and gold PLA plastic

“The Maze itself is the sum of a man's life... Choices he makes, dreams he hangs on to. And there at the center, there's a legendary man who had been killed over and over again countless times, but always clawed his way back to life. The man returned for the last time and vanquished all his oppressors in a tireless fury. He built a house. Around that house he built a maze so complicated, only he could navigate through it. I reckon he'd seen enough of fighting” (Teddy, episode 6)