3D Printed Photo / Lithophane Service

It's possible to 3D print a photograph to give an amazing effect. This is called a Lithophane, and it uses the different thicknesses of plastic to create an image when a light shines through it. Such a fantastic and unique gift for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. They look great in a window with natural light, though they are just as effective with a lamp or candle.

Pricing is for images with a standard 4x6 ratio. If your image is different then your price may vary. The measurement provided is the height of the finished lithophone.

Portrait Orientation Landscape Orientation
10cm - £15 10cm - £20
20cm - £35 16.5cm - £45
30cm - £75 23cm - £95

Please upload photos here in the contact box below or send them to us using our email address: contact@3DPrintIt4Me.com.