HELLFIGHTER M1911 / Colt 1911 Battlefield 1 One Pack Replica / Soldier Gun Pistol Cosplay Prop / Gamer Gift

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The M1911 is one of the several weapons used by the Harlem Hellfighters during the prologue of Battlefield Storm of Steel. An M1911 Silencer variant is available from a weapon crate in Through Mud and Blood, and one is also used by the player in Nothing Is Written.

Available from the start, the M1911 is arguably one of the best all-kit handguns due to its high power and fast reloads. At close range, it is capable of killing an enemy in three shots. The M1911 has an empty reload speed of 1.7 seconds, faster than those of other all-kit pistols like the P08 and Mle 1903, which have empty reload speeds of 2 seconds and 2.7 seconds respectively.

A downside to using the M1911 is that it has fairly high recoil when aiming down the sights, and it quickly becomes inaccurate if fired too fast. However, the gun's hipfire accuracy is good and can be useful up to medium distances.

This is a static copy with no moving part but it looks fantastic and just like the gun from the game.