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Custom Gloomhaven Monster Bases (pack of 18 + 9)

Custom Gloomhaven Monster Bases (pack of 18 + 9)

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54 x Dice
Felt pads

- 18 bases in primary colour, 9 bases in secondary colour. Please choose before purchasing!

- 18 for normal monsters and 9 for elite monsters

- Made from durable, hard & long lasting PLA plastic.

- Space for 2 x 12mm dice, 10mm will work too!

- 2 x "Chit" slots for small cardboard tokens

- 1 x large slot for cardboard standee

- Sized slightly smaller than the gloomhaven hex space, 30mm edge to edge, 35mm corner to corner.

Optional extras:

- 54 x 10mm Dice.

- Felt pads on bottom of the bases to grip and protect your Gloomhaven board.

Any questions feel free to send us a message!

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