SUNLU Filament Review - 4/5

SUNLU Filament Review - 4/5

SUNLU 5 Boxes

As you can see, SUNLU have some pretty sweet packaging

Filament overview

Diameter: 1.75mm

Weight: 1kg per spool

Dimensional accuracy: +/- 0.02mm

Recommended nozzle temperature: 190-220℃

Recommended build plate temperature: 0-50℃

Material: PLA plastic

Our recommendations

We have found the best results from printing with 220℃ nozzle temperature and 50℃ build plate temperature.

Check out some of the examples below of what this filament is capable of

Example prints

Cat Logo 3D Print
SUNLU Orange PLA+ - Click to buy from Amazon


The spool


SUNLU's spool has wide holes to allow for easier judgement of filament left on the spool.

Empty spool weight

SUNLU Empty Filament Weight

The AMZ3D spool/reel weights 143g, this is useful to find out how much you have left!

Printed rating

Currently this is our second favorite PLA filament for basic colors. We are giving SUNLU 4.0/5 due to the quality of the prints being slightly worse than AMZ3D's filament.

This is still great filament with a lower price than other options. SUNLU has never tangled or blocked a nozzle. However the filament has a somewhat matte finish, if this is what you are looking for then SUNLU is for you.

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