We offer printing and design services tailored to your to 3D desires. 

We have large printers that use Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) technology, capable of printing single objects as large as 50cmx50cmx50cm, and Stereolithography printers (SLA) that use resin and UV light giving greater accuracy. Virtually any sized model can be printed with the highest of level of detail. Our skilled designers can create models that are optimised for the 3D printing process and each of our printers are tuned perfectly, meaning your print is the best quality it can be.
Have you found a 3D model or design online that you want made? We can print these designs, and most other designs you find or have purchased from model sharing websites. Click here for our Thingiverse 3D Printing Service and follow the instructions for more information.
We have had great success in replicating hard to obtain vintage car and motorcycle parts - as well as new custom parts! Our 3D printed copies function and look the same as original parts, and often at a fraction of the cost to buy new or even used OEM parts. It's best if you can send us the broken part if you have it, but for simpler pieces we can even replicate using images and measurements. Get custom made and rare parts copied for your vehicle by clicking here.
3D printing is the perfect tool for making minis and scenery for tabletop games. We can print most mini figures with great detail in scales as small as 32mm and 28mm, perfect for DnD, Warhammer and Gloomhaven - as well as figures at 52mm scale for other tabletop wargaming. Characters such as monsters, scenery items such as chests, furniture or even entire castles can be printed too. Check out our Tabletop RPG Services here.
If you haven't checked out our range of 3D printed cosplay items then click here! We can also design weapons and armour from scratch to match a character from your favourite game or film - or if you wanted something more personal, a custom set of gear to show off at conventions. We can recreate replica swords, guns and clothing that is easily assembled and in most cases, when parts can be printed in the correct colours, needs only minimal finishing work. Get yourself some custom Cosplay made here!